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"Consumer advice for mattress shoppers...

....and support for local retail businesses.

Welcome To City Discount

If you are a retail consumer shopping for a new mattress, we hope our consumer advice will:

  1. Help you become knowledgeable about the different mattress styles
  2. Assist you in making an informed choice that will give you a good night's sleep
  3. Save you money on the mattress set you select and

  4. Make your shopping experience pleasant.


Read more about "How to shop for a mattress" and "How to flip / rotate your mattress"


If you are a single store mattress and bedding retailer, Our marketing and advertising advice can help you compete against the large chain / franchise stores that operate in your "MSA" (Metropolitan Statistical Area). We specialize in single store retail and can help you,

  1. match your "floor" product mix to your traffic and customers, not to the distributors sales plan
  2. effectively spend the few advertising dollars you have, and align it with "what works", locally
  3. increase your "name recognition" in your local community and with online shoppers
  4. use positive shopper impressions and customer satisfaction to increase store traffic


City Discount specializes in single store and/or low-unit number retail mattress store merchandising. We enjoy the battle against the "big name" stores.The last few years have been especially tough for the smallest mattress retailers, but we've helped others do more than just survive. Our tools are uniquely effective in this "slow-growth" retail environment.

Our advice works. Let us show you "how" it can work for you.


Contact us to schedule a phone conversation and/or a visit to your store. Every store is unigue. Learn what we could specifically do to improve the sales and profitablity of your store(s).


Thank you for visiting City Discount We hope you have a great night's sleep.

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